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About Omiya Gymnasium

This museum, located in a corner of Owada Park surrounded by greenery, opened on October 10, 1978, with the purpose of promoting citizen sports and recreation and providing a place for these activities. The building has a main stadium (arena), table tennis field, judo field, meeting room, kendo field, lecture room, multi-purpose training room, training room, light exercise room, archery field, and a gateball field outside the building. , a civic plaza (reservoir) has been installed.

About the designated manager (Saitama Sports Associate JV)

Our group has established the following three basic policies in managing this facility, and will manage the facility to maximize its functions and allow users to use the facility safely and comfortably. ① Facility management that prioritizes safety and security. ② Reducing operating costs through efficient maintenance and management ③Environmentally friendly facility management

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