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Kids sports park

Kids Sports Park opens at Omiya Gymnasium!

There are lots of fun play equipment such as trampolines and ball pools!

Please come visit us with your children!

Usage guide

Usage fee: 200 yen/hour

Target age: 2 years old - 3rd grade of elementary school

*Preschool children must be accompanied by a guardian.

Usage hours: 10:00-21:00

​ *Use by elementary school students only until 19:00



Trampoline (large) (small)

A trampoline that is very popular with children as it allows them to jump and bounce!

​We also have a small size so that even small children can use it!


jungle gym slide

Let's climb up and down and have lots of fun!

You can exercise while having fun! ​



ball pool

A ball pool that even small children can enjoy!

​Let's get familiar with balls from childhood!


Other equipment

​There are many other tools that allow you to have fun moving your body!

​Please come and visit us!

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